Monday , 26 September 2022
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Are you up for a quick, fun and free crochet project to make? Then get ready to start crocheting this adorable and colorful puff stitch headband right now.  It is designed exquisitely and does not require a lot of time from you. Besides the fact that it looks very nice, lovely and trendy, it is also very practical. You are ... Read More »


Are you ready for a fast, easy and free crochet project to make? Then get prepared to start creating this beautiful 3D headband with flower right now. This is a perfect project for those who just started to learn crochet. Besides the fact that it looks very cool, lovely and trendy, it is also very practical. You are free to ... Read More »

Mosaic Hat Free Crochet Patterns

Mosaics, they’re not just for floors, you know. So, there is no place where a repeating geometric patten of smaller components can’t be appropriate. Consequently, I think that clothing, and in particular a visible item like headwear is perfect. Thus, here are some mosaic hat free crochet patterns to really demonstrate how amazingly versatile this sort of design is. Truly, ... Read More »


Not only do these gorgeous elastic crochet slippers prevent cold feet, but they are super easy to crochet and are fashionable! They are as comfortable as socks; they feel light and cover the feet entirely, and they are elastic to ensure they fit well and stay on during your activities! HOW TO MAKE LUXURIOUS ELASTIC CROCHET SLIPPERS? The sizes that ... Read More »

3D Leaf Stitch Hat Free Crochet Patterns + Video

There are so many ways to crochet hats for Winter, we have quite a bunch of them on our site. We have the DIY Free Crochet Animal Hat Pattern for kids. We also have Crochet Girl’s Sun Hats with Pattern. Today we are going to crochet some hats for adults, too. Today we are going to crochet a textured hat with beautiful 3D leaf pop out, ... Read More »

Valentine’s Day Project Free Crochet Patterns

Wear your heart on your sleeve… and your legs, and purse… Valentine’s Day projects don’t have to be limited to little hearts, plushies or knick-knacks. Indeed, you can put heart-shaped decorations on just about anything. In fact, here are some less conventional ideas for Valentine’s projects. They are fun, easy and consequently will be great to make as a gift ... Read More »

Crochet Striped Dress For A Baby Girl

Crochet striped dress is a new pattern design for beginners. This lovely dress works up quite fast and easy and do not require high crocheter skill level. The unique and modern design of this dress is very impressive. It is almost impossible not to love such a beautiful project. If you’re willing to crochet a cute and colorful dress with ... Read More »

Crochet Warm And Cozy Baby Booties In Style

These are some fresh new, free pattern designs for crochet warm and cozy baby booties in an unique style. Each of these patterns come with step by step video tutorial and written guidelines in subtitles. I’m sure most of you will find these baby booties worth to give a try. Crochet baby booties are one of those projects that don’t ... Read More »


Hi everyone!!! Making a different doilies is the best therapy, because in this way you learning different stitches, improving your skills and the process itself goes very funny. Today we would like to teach you how to make one the most beautiful festive Doily With tiny Flower. This adorable doily can be very necessary accessory for your celebration table or ... Read More »


Hello dear friends!!! Today we have an interesting surprise for everyone, but especially for a new and expectant mothers to try, because we will be showing you a video instruction of baby girl shoes for beginners. As you can see on the presented photos these shoes are very special and you are free to choose any color you wish. These ... Read More »