Learn how to make this enchanting crochet rose flower to add to your hat by watching this free video tutorial! You’ll fall in love with crocheting these easy flowers!

The yarn used to crochet these charming flowers is a medium 4 100% acrylic yarn and a 3.76mm crochet hook. To begin the flower, make a small knot and then chain 67. To make 7 small petals, make a half double crochet into the second chain from hook. If you are looking to make a bigger size, go up a hook size.

You will find yourself addicted to make more of them! Keep reading for color combination ideas and tips to make these crochet rose flower stand out more.

Colour is not a limit when crocheting these simple flowers! You can make these rose flowers in any color or in many colors and it would look beautiful nevertheless. I also recommend trying yarn with glitter thread in the mix.

This glittery delight would make the crochet rose flower stand from the solid colors. In daylight, the glitter crochet flowers shine and look absolutely stunning! You can also add a different color to the edging of the rose to make them pop out!

What Can You Decor Using This Rose Flower?

There are many other things you can also adorned with these simply gorgeous crochet flowers! You can make a perfect embellishment such as a cute hair accessory by stitching a crochet flower on a crochet headband or ear warmer.

This simple flower stitch is also wonderful for pining it to your garments like a sweatshirt that could use a crocheted accessory. Another creative idea to make a chic summer wrap is to add crochet rose flower s to a crocheted shawl!

You should use a fine thread to make these crochet rose flower , you can even add them as an accent on a special journal or on the family album. Avoid using thick yarn, as the weight and bulkiness could make the crochet flowers look messy. If this is your first time crocheting these simple flowers, you should definitely use a smooth yarn in a weight that you are comfortable using.

Tutorial and photos of this flower by : Lyza Walters.

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