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This video tutorial in English subtitles covers how to create a easy peasy crochet beanie. You can make a unisex fashionable crochet beanie for anyone and for any size. SIZES OF EASY PEASY CROCHET BEANIE The average sizes for a child or toddler are 23 cm long and 38 cm. The average sizes for a woman are 28cm x 42cm. ... Read More »


Watch this free video tutorial to learn how to make this stunning crochet half circle shawl. This shawl has a unique pattern and shape and is lightweight and practical. MATERIALS NEEDED TO MAKE THE CROCHET HALF CIRCLE SHAWL To make this long crochet half circle shawl, you will use gold ombre yarn with natural and lightweight 80% acrylic and 20% ... Read More »

Crochet a square with heart bobble chart | Free Tutorial

Hello friends. See how beautiful this Crochet Blanket Crochet a square with heart bobble chart Learn some techniques and some secrets of how to do this Pattern here. a delicate square Crochet a square with heart bobble chart stitches. I found the model very well done, the colors makes the model very elegant and well worked in the afghan points. ... Read More »

Pretty Pinwheel Doily Free Pattern

We all want that our home interior was lovely and cozy and trying our best. We want to help you in that. You can try to crochet beautiful pinwheel that we have searched for you today. Look at these pictures and you will see that this pinwheels are very adorable and will look fantastic on your table. We have of ... Read More »

Crochet Hat With 3D Diamonds

Another most beautiful and adorable hat for you and your lovely people. You have opportunity to make awesome gift for any angel you love with your experience in crochet and of course with the free video pattern that we have found. This Warm Hat is from same author as Previous Hats. Imagine how warm is this hat with ears and ... Read More »

Hibiscus Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern

I love hibiscus flower! they are colorful flowers, beautiful and very cheerful! I love when they bloom and I can admire their beauty. Out of this love I found a blanket with this brilliant motif. Are you also a fan of this flower? See! This pattern is made in warm beautifully matching shades. This is a blanket that you can ... Read More »


Watch this tutorial to learn the crochet braid puff stitch! This crochet puff flower pattern has the most interesting texture of any pattern I have encountered! TIPS FOR THE CROCHET BRAID PUFF STITCH To make this gorgeous crochet braid puff stitch, you must need a fine quality yarn and a 3mm-4mm crochet hook. You can also mess around with your ... Read More »


This free video tutorial will show you how to make a classic crochet flower granny square. Keep reading the article for additional creative granny square crochet ideas! HOW TO MAKE A BEAUTIFUL CROCHET FLOWER GRANNY SQUARE? This crochet flower granny square is an iconic and popular motifs in crochet. The best yarn to use for this specific granny square is ... Read More »

Crochet Shawl – Free patterns Download

Crochet shawl, very delicate and elegant model. for friends to do with a simple free pattern. This model is very delicate. I have several models. but this crochet stitch is a very simple model to learn. Here’s how to do this wonderful job with a basic standard form. I just think this model is beautiful. The colors of the lines ... Read More »

Faded Tunisian Beanie Free Crochet Pattern

Romantic and very feminine hat with a heart motif. Is a wonderful addition to any of your stylizations. The cap is very tasteful and suits every woman. The pattern is available in one size. The pattern is very warm and soft. It’s thanks to the wonderful yarn Red Heart Soft Solids & Heathers. It is perfect for this type of ... Read More »